Cover Letter 샘플 (커버레터 – 컨설팅 지원, BCG)

February 3, 2003

Kimberly Lee, Recruiting Manager
Boston Consulting Group
6663 Avenue of the New York
13th Floor

Dear Ms. Lee,

I am a first year MBA student at Harvard Business School. I was extremely impressed with Boston Consulting Group’s approach to management consulting after attending the presentation given by your firm earlier this quarter. I also learned more about your firm by talking with William Heather and several other summer interns. My discussions with them confirmed my interest in Boston Consulting Group, and I am now writing to request an invitation to interview for a summer associate consulting position.

After graduating from Northwestern with a degree in Economics, I worked as an associate in the Finance department of Honda Motors, a well-known automotive manufacturer. I gained solid analytical and problem solving skills there. I was responsible for identifying and resolving financial reporting issues, as well as generating innovative methods to improve our processes. I also fine-tuned my communication and consensus building skills, as I often needed to present and market my work to middle and upper management. Finally, during my last year of employment, I took on a team leadership role, managing the daily work of five junior members of our team and taking an active role in our training for new hires.

I am excited by the strong potential fit I see with Boston Consulting Group. I feel that the analytical, leadership and teamwork abilities gained through my employment and academic experience have provided me with the tools and skills necessary to perform well in a consulting career, and will allow me to make a significant contribution at your firm. I am particularly intrigued by the shareholder value focus of Boston Consulting Group’s methodology, since it fits well with my experience in finance.

I have enclosed my resume for your review. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you when you recruit at SBS for summer internships later this month, and I would greatly appreciate being included on your invitational list.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


EssayReview Haley
3142 Broadway, Apt. 135
New York, NY 10007



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