Cover Letter 샘플 (커버레터 샘플 – 컨설팅, Accenture)

Kame Johnson
Human Resources Manager
1001 South Beach Way
Miami, FL 33101
Dear Ms. Johnson:

I recently learned that Accenture is looking for an energetic and dynamic person, capable of thinking creatively, who also possesses experience in business and finance. I am eager for a career in management consulting and am interested in discussing with you how my skills are of value to your organization.

My immersion into the world of business and finance as an intern at Global Financial Advisors has provided valuable preparation for business consulting. As a twenty-year-old who regularly cold-called CEO’s and the owners of successful corporations to persuade them to meet with me, I banked my success on the ability to think creatively, conceptualize on many levels, and communicate crisply. I effectively explained the value my firm could provide and demonstrated my competency in the tax, legal, insurance, and investment realms. I helped clients understand complex ideas in simple terms, motivated them to action, and then cooperated with a team of Global associates to implement our ideas.

My wide-ranging college career has provided me with a combination of skills and experience that are well-suited to the challenges of consulting. My senior ecology thesis involved extensive research, and required me to convey my ideas concisely in an oral presentation and a comprehensive treatise. Several leadership positions in a variety of activities throughout my years at Southern Methodist University demanded that I organize my time and resources efficiently, and assist others to do the same. My distinctive background has well equipped me with tools that will make me valuable to Accenture.

I would like the opportunity to discuss with you further how my abilities can best benefit your organization. I look forward to speaking with you when I call during the first week in February to arrange a time to meet. Thank you for your time and consideration.


EssayReview Haley
3142 Broadway, Apt. 135
New York, NY 10007


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