Career Opportunities - Translator

We currently operate in five countries and are actively expanding our team by recruiting qualified freelance translators from a variety of academic fields. Available work is assigned based on suitable background experience and availability. Although we have fixed due dates, our independent contract translators can work from any location with access to stable internet and Microsoft Word and are free to designate their own availability and the workload they can handle. Compensation is based on document word count.

Our translators translate documents and then submit the translated versions to our editors. Once they receive the edited versions, they review them to check whether the meaning of the source text is retained and there isn’t any error. Then, they provide clients with the first, edited, and final versions.

Our translation jobs involve both academic and admission documents. You can select the areas you feel strong about. You can also work in both fields.

Job Description:
  • Translating academic manuscripts and/or admission essays while ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained.
  • Searching for the appropriate technical and scientific terms for the correct translation
  • Reviewing the edited versions to check whether the intended meaning is remained and there isn’t any errors
  • Answering the clients’ questions regarding the translation via the message system

Candidates for our freelance translator positions must meet the following requirements.
  • Proficiency in Korea and English
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum three years’ professional translation experience
  • Advanced skills using MS Word and its track change features

업무 설명:
워드바이스 번역가의 업무는 다음과 같습니다:
  • 원본 문서의 의미를 변경하지 않는 선에서 학술 논문 및/또는 어드미션 에세이 번역
  • 문서에 적합한 기술적/과학적 용어 검색
  • 교정된 버전을 검토하여 원본의 의미가 남아있고 오류가 없는지 확인
  • 메시지 시스템을 통해 납품한 번역본과 관련된 고객의 질문에 답변

  • 영어와 한국어에 능통함
  • 학사 학위 소지자
  • 3년 이상의 번역 경력
  • MS Word와 트랙 체인지 기능 사용 가능자

If you meet the requirements above, please kindly complete the application form at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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